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EasyGreek Software takes pride in producing innovative teaching and learning programs. Our Software Programs allow you to explore primary texts in a stimulating environment. They load flawlessly into any version of MS. Windows. Our Audio Cassettes enable oral recognition of the unity of the Didache. Our books and ms. offer access to an exciting range of research topics. Click on icons for table of contents and sample selections.

Case Studies

Scripture Sleuth
(eight Case Studies)

Medieval & Modern Case Studies

Didache Explorations (in preparation)


Audio CDs
Two Oral Recitations of the Didache (New)
The Didache ("the elephant")
Faith, Hope, and Life of the Earliest Christian Communities, 50-70 C.E (Paulist, 2003)

The Didache ("the mouse")
Text, Translation, Analysis, and Commentary (Liturgical Press, 2003)

"Salvation Is from the Jews"
(John 4:22): Reflections on Saving Grace within Judaism and on Messianic Hope within Christianity (Paulist, 2007)

Exploring Scriptural Sources
Rediscovering Discipleship

To Empower as Jesus Did
Acquiring Spritual Power Through Apprenticeship

A Pilgrim Experiences the World's Religions
Discovering the Human Faces of the Hidden God