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When Jesus Sided with Women is an interactive electronic Case Study designed to enable modern women and men to discover for themselves how the Synoptic Gospels addressed this very question.

  • The advantage of the Case Study Method is that you are in the driver's seat steering your own investigation. No one will be spoon feeding you with this or that slanted reading of the text.

  • Furthermore, most people like to discover things for themselves and not simple to be told. By taking charge of your own learning, you will invariable find yourself learning more easily, more enjoyably, and more deeply.

  • The Warm Up perks your interest; the Sleuthing empowers you to make informed hunches; the Debriefing consolidates and verifies your results.

  • You type in your results as you go. You have the option of keeping a journal, of consulting points of anaysis prepared by scholars, of choosing to listen to relaxing music. The NRSV text is at your fingertips whenever you need it.

  • Moreover, you are not alone. A Guardian Angel watches over your progress as you go. Then, in unexpected moments, she offers encouragement, advice, warning, confirmation. A final debriefing with your Guardian Angel makes use of AI (Artificial Intelligence). This Guardian Angel gives an entirely new dimension to "interactive" learning.

  • Those who use When Jesus Sided with Women gain a progressive familiarity with examining biblical texts in their original historical and social world settings.

  • The user is invited to make contemporary applications based upon what they discovered about Jesus and women. The Case Study Method enables users to make well founded applications which avoid trivializing either the biblical text or the challenges facing modern women.
When Jesus Sided with Women loads flawlessly from a HD 3.5" diskette. The software accommodates itself to the presentation immediacy of Microsoft Windows and offers soothing colors, relaxing animations, and self-selected mood music (whenever a sound card is detected).

Interested persons are given the opportunity to share their results via email with a Learning Partner using the software and wrestling with kindred issues.

Given the pioneering nature of this product, the author has provided a one-minute menu which allows you to transfer your results from your hard drive to the original diskette. Those who send in their results enable the author to improve this software and, according, receive in the mail a $3 check by way of saying, "Thank You."