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Aaron Milavec
Meet the Author!

Aaron Milavec has been an innovative teacher and software developer for thirty-five years. His greatest achievement (2007-2015) has been the creation and expansion of Catherine of Siena Virtual College--an international, innovative center offering women and supportive men the opportunity to learn and to dream together in safe environments online.

In his youth, Milavec was fascinated with science. After beginning graduate studies in physics, however, Milavec gravitated toward the philosophy of science and ended up with an abiding passion for religious inquiry and spiritual development. While a Research Fellow at the University of Victoria, he completed an essay, "How Acts of Discovery Transform our Tacit Knowing Powers in both Scientific and Religious Inquiry," Zygon 42/2 (2006) 465-486.

Milavec earned his S.T.B., summa cum laude, from the University of Fribourg in 1968 and, in 1973, he received his Th.D. from the Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley).

Milavec has published fifteen books, seven chapters in collected works, and over fifty journal articles. His recent book, Salvation Is from the Jews: Saving Grace in Judaism and Messianic Hope in Christianity, is a soul-searching exploration of how Christians need to rethink their theology in order to be faithful to the Jewish heritage received from Jesus two thousand years ago. His most-recent eBook, What Jesus Would Say to Same-Sex Couples, is a theological and historical exposure of the ugly underbelly of the Catholic Bishops campaign against same-sex marriages.

Prior to this, Milavec devoted sixteen years to unlocking the hidden life of those mid-first-century Christians who lived the Way of Life described in the Didache. He affectionately nicknamed his thousand-page volume as "the elephant" and his hundred-page volume as "the mouse." The elephant received a Catholic Press Club Award and is entitled The Didache--Faith, Hope, and Life of the Earliest Christian Communities, 50-70 CE (Paulist Press); the mouse is entitled The Didache-- Text, Translation, Analysis, and Commentary (Liturgical Press).