Scripture Sleuth challenges inquiring adults to investigate and draw their own conclusions about issues surrounding the formation of the early Christian faith, hope, and life.

EasyGreek Software has expanded and retooled the eight
"journeys of discovery" presented in Aaron Milavec's textbook, Exploring Scriptural Sources (Sheed & Ward, 1994; Rowman & Littlefield, 2004) for PCs with Microsoft Windows. These Case Studies demonstrates how the presentational immediacy of the PC along with colors,
drawings, sounds, and simple animations are ideally suited to facilitate deeply satisfying and self-transformative experiences.

In the course of each Case Study, you will become an
explorer bent upon unlocking the hidden meaning of clues buried in ancient texts. While you type in your hunches, a "guardian angel" (a hidden subroutine) takes note of and assists your progress. This feature, in itself, offers an advantage that no paper Case Study could match. In addition, you'll have access to relevant NRSV texts and to technical notes which enable you to investigate the social and religious horizon of the first century.

Software users report that the mood music, soft colors, and enriched interactive environment allow them better to focus their attention and organize their responses as they explore key aspects of the early church based upon the clues of the NT. The "flight of the dove" animation has been singled out as "supremely relaxing" and "enabling my spirit to soar." More importantly, however, inquiring adults using these Case Studies report "undertaking a soul-searching journey which places them in contact with the faith, hope, and life of early Christians."

Scripture Sleuth includes Case Studies on these themes:

Case One: How Conservative Peter Became a Daring Innovator (click here for details)
Case Two: How Jesus Came to Be Chosen High Priest
Case Three: The Transformation Effected by Ordination
Case Four: When Jesus Sided With Women
Case Five: Whether the Twelve Fancied Themselves as Bishops
Case Six: Collaboration as the Hallmark of Peter's Authority
Case Seven: The Transformation Effected by Baptism
Case Eight: Heaven or Kingdom?

Scripture Sleuth serves to naturally introduce students to modern biblical criticism in NT courses. Furthermore, it has been successfully used in
parish Bible study, training of deacons and lay ministers, RCIA, and personal study.

What are users saying about Scripture Sleuth?

"Milavec's well-designed electronic teaching tool is a creative and interesting effort to promote Christian education."
Phil Mullins, Tradition and Discovery

"I not only learned a great amount of material deeply, but the method of learning it was transformative and empowering."
Deborah Gaier, Lay Minister

"A unique and daring breakthrough. Adult learners deserve to have Dr. Milavec's work available to them."
Dr. Edward Singer, Adult Religious Education Group Facilitator

Scripture Sleuth was written and developed by Aaron Milavec, a Professor of Church History and Historical Theology within the Lay Pastoral Ministry Program and Mt. St. Mary's Seminary of the West in Cincinnati. Dr. Milavec has over 25 years experience in training of lay ministers and future priests. This program is based on his book, Exploring Scriptural Sources (Sheed and Ward).